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About us

Delicious soup made from dried white mushrooms, cowberry and blueberry pies, pickled milk mushrooms and saffron milk cap mushrooms with sour cream, soaked cowberries, mushrooms with horse-radish, milk mushrooms with onions and oil - this is just a few dishes which our ancestors tasted in pre-revolutionary Russia.

The strategic objective for the company Ecoproduct is to revive these ancient traditions of the Russian cuisine and to make them accessible to urban residents. Nowadays, the holding Ecoproduct includes three plants producing canned mushrooms, berries, fruits and vegetables. All goods are produced only at these plants under two main brands "Ecoproduct" and "Melen". The union of the modern technology and an ancient recipe allows us to expand the range of products regularly. At the present moment the list of the products consists more than 160 items, many of which are unique, produced only by us.

We use only ecologically clean ingredients in our manufacture. We thorough checked raw materials on the first stage of product line and our final products at the end of it.

Besides the production of canned goods, the company exports fresh, salted and dried mushrooms, fresh and frozen berries. All details you can find in other sections of the website.