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Ecoproduct Company was founded in summer 1995. It was established on the basis of the enterprise dealing with gathering and collecting wild mushrooms and berries. That is why initially activity of Ecoproduct was aimed to preprocessing of forestry products. Mushroom and berry raw materials were exported to Germany and Italy. Some of the products were distributed within Russia.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the state system mushrooms and berries stocking was ruined, so the company had to create their own supplying network.

With the help of experienced employees, experts in mycology and foodstuff specialist we created equipment - our know-how in processing raw materials, opened new tooled stations in the regions where we had to teach people to work professionally. Wide network of harvesting stations in 15 regions of Russia was created in some years. It allowed stocking up enough quantity of mushroom and berry raw material even during the years with very bad crop.

So, the situation at that time was so absurd that mushroom raw materials exported by Ecoproduct were returned into Russia as final products from Germany and Poland and other countries. Domestic canned mushrooms were produced in small obsoleted shops and packed in old unfashionable jars, which couldn’t be competitive with beautiful import jars with twist off lid.

And that was as much paradoxically as much Russia had ancient traditions of using mushrooms in Russian cuisine. Taking into account all facts mentioned above heads of the company decided to establish their own manufacture of the canned mushrooms and berries. The cannery was built in small town Ivanteevka in Moscow region. Then production began to move: we bought foreign equipment and created our own, launched production line of the berry’s preserves at first and then canned mushrooms. And in three years Ecoproduct pressed all foreign competitors became an absolutely leader in such characteristics like quantity, quality and range of products.

To increase production volumes and to achieve specialization in 2000 Ecoproduct bought Vologda forest food plant which had been already bankrupted at that moment. The plant functioned since the 1930's and in the Soviet period produced quite a large volume of canned berries and mushrooms, especially cranberries in sugar powdered. The plant was fully upgrade, the production of berry preserves - varenie, jam and berries with sugar was launched. Demand for products of the plant has steadily increased, and therefore, in 2004 it was decided to invest in a third plant. It became Melenkovsky canning factory in the Vladimir region. This plant mostly specialized in the production of vegetables and some canned mushroom under the trademark "Melen".

Today Ecoproduct Company consist 3 canary factories producing canned mushrooms, barriers, vegetables and dried mushrooms, and some harvesting companies situated in European part of Russia and Siberia. The range of products includes over 160 titles, many of which are unique, manufactured only by us. Canned food is in great demand not only in Russia but also Germany, the United States, Israel, France, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

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